Rockeries Retaining Walls

Rockeries & Retaining Walls

  • Rock walls
  • Stone walls
  • Hardscape

This rockery below was created to provide an attractive and easily maintained border for a driveway.  The landscaping feature shown here in this first photo in progress.

The completed rock wall is an island.

Rockeries Retaining Walls

The rockery image below is looking north for this client in the Port Angeles - Sequim region.

Rockeries and Retaining Walls - Why Have Them?

There are many practical reasons (as well as aesthetic) for using rockeries and retaining walls.

  • A rockery can provide an attractive lawn border, keeping your soil where you want it
  • A rockery can provide a canvas for planting beautiful annuals and perennials
  • Got a slope that is losing soil?  A properly designed and constructed retaining wall will hold in in for you!
  • Got a hillside that gives you nothing except grief for mowing or maintaining it?  Let us carve some of it away and turn it into usable space!
Island Rock Wall
Landscape Wall
Landscape Wall 2