I Have Groundwater Problems

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Groundwater Under My House | Ground Water in My Crawlspace

If you've got groundwater standing under your home or in your crawl space, it needs to be remediated.  Leave this problem unresolved and you'll be allowing hazardous mold to develop and invade your living environment.  

You may be subject to providing a habitat for insects that can damage your home's foundation (assuming you have a wood foundation).  The insects will not harm concrete, of course.

Some people also take advantage of this space for storage, and certainly don't want water to stand under their homes.

If this is a seasonal issue for you, there are ways to resolve it.

How to Eliminate Ground Water Under Your Home

If you don't want to sell your home and move right now, fortunately, there are other ways to solve this!   How this is resolved will depend upon accurately assessing the cause.

  • If it is a surface water problem, then the permanent solution is to regrade / reshape your grounds so water flows away from your home.  A temporary solution could be installing a sump pump to get the water out.  You may want to do this if the earth is really soggy and wait to do grading work when things dry up.

  • If the problem comes from beneath the surface, then you will need to have a curtain drain (or French drain) installed.  Those terms (curtain or French) are often used interchangeably.  Some sources cite that a French drain is a deep drain and a curtain drain is a more shallow drain.  Regardless, they are the same thing and work on the same principle.  They will divert the water away from your home using Nature's gravity.

  • If your abode is in a depression or if it is a flat site, you may need a pump installed along with earth work.

Water is Seeping into My House

If your home is on a concrete slab, you may be experiencing groundwater trouble as well.  Concrete is porous.  If water is touching it and it is not completely and properly sealed (or is is simply overwhelmed), it can wick water into your home.

Even when properly sealed, water can still go over or around the slab or between cracks in the wall and slab or even cracks in the foundation, resulting in water (and potential water damage) in your home itself.

How to Get the Groundwater Out of Your Home

The solution is the same as for groundwater under your home. (above)

Standing Water in My Yard or Lawn on My Property

If you've got standing water problems on your property or around your home, you need to take the steps to remediate them to prevent damage to your property or potential invasion of your home.

If you are on the down-side of a slope or in a valley area and there is large amounts of rainfall, you may experience these issues as well.

How to Solve Groundwater Problems on Your Property

The solution could be the same as for groundwater under your home. (above)  However, this can also sometimes be solved by digging a catch basin in one or more low areas that are linked with a solid pipe and daylighted to some downhill slope away from your property; ideally, a ditch or pond.  

If you live within your city limits, hopefully you can connect to your city's storm drain system, which is there to take surface and excess ground water.

I Have Groundwater Problems
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